Make an appointment for a complimentary consultation if you are considering hair extensions, sew-ins, quick weaves, glue-in & micro-link tracks, etc. This will provide your stylist with the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you may have and identify the optimal course of action. All of our hair extensions are personalized for each client, so we can only provide estimates over the phone.

Chemical Services

Permanently alters the natural pattern of the hair.

Bleach & Toner

Used to lighten hair to a particular shade.

Partial/Spot Relaxer

Applying relaxer to the area that needs to be re-touched.

Virgin Relaxer

Rearranging the basic structure of curly hair into a straight form.

Touch-Up Relaxer

Applying relaxer to the new-growth only.

Sensitive/Dry itch Relaxer

Rearranging the basic structure of curly hair and protecting the scalp.

S-Curl (Texturizer)

Curl re-forming to make the existing curl larger and looser.

Hair Coloring Services (Add on)

A wonderful service that changes hair color and provides hair protection using safe professional products (Permanent, Semi-Permanent, Demi-Permanent).

Hi-lights/Low-lights (Add on)

Provides multi-tone coloring.

Hair & Scalp Treatments

Treatments for any hair and scalp condition with restorative professional products.


Improves the strength of the hair to temporarily close split ends.

Scratch & Scalp Massage

A continuous, even motion, which will stimulate the scalp and help the client relax.

Hydration (Deep Condition)

Used to soften and improve the health of the hair.

Hot Oil/Moisturizing

Used to soften and improve the health of the scalp.

Natural & Treated Services

Gives the hair a natural shine with lots of body and provides hair protection using safe professional products.

Shampoo & Basic Style

Helps to remove day-to-day product build-up.

Cut & Style

Defining the length and style of the hair.

Silk Press & Style

Temporary process that transitions hair from naturally curly to a straight hair pattern.

Rod Set & Style

Temporary curl pattern that loosens or tightens by using different size rods (i.e. Flexi-rods, Perm-rods, etc.).

Shaping & Styling Services

Any time you cut, taper, and/or thin any hair texture using hair cutting tools.


Removal of length to create a desired style.


Removal of split ends.

Facial/Beard Cut

Removal of length with clippers or edgers.


Late Arrivals: Please allow for additional travel time due to traffic. Appointments are scheduled in accordance with your specific needs. If you are late, we might not be able to complete the service to your satisfaction and might need to reschedule you for a different date or time when the entire process can be completed.

Service Adjustment: Our goal is 100% client satisfaction. Tell us within two weeks of your appointment if you’re not happy with the service, and we’ll make a free change. Any services that go beyond making adjustments to your original service(s) will be charged at full price (s). Because everyone has their own idea of what is beautiful and because hairdressing is an artistic expression and not the sale of a product, there is always some subjectivity. We’ll make changes within two weeks, but services won’t be refunded. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Cancellations/No Show

Simply explained, the stylist incurs a financial loss if a client is late for an appointment. Please call us if you need to reschedule, so we can offer the time slot to another individual. If you cancel or reschedule your appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice, you must pay a $25 deposit on or before your next visit. If there is a no call/no show for an appointment, you will be charged 50% of the standard service rate.


We reserve the right to cancel your appointment if we are unable to confirm it. Please confirm your appointments when we send a confirmation text message in order to help our other clients and your stylist. A simple affirmative or negative response is sufficient!

Deposits & Payments

We require a deposit, for all services over $250 or over 3 hours, in order to hold your reservation. Your deposit goes towards your services and is refundable if you cancel before the 24 hour grace period. Cancelation or rebooking within 24 hours results in a forfeit of your deposit for that day’s services. The more advance notice of your need to cancel/reschedule is greatly appreciated.


Frequently asked

What should I do if I know I am going to run late?

If you are going to be late for your appointment, please call your stylist. She will decide if you can still get the full services you want.

How early should I schedule my appointment?

Booking your next appointment before you leave our salon is the best way to guarantee that you get the time and date that you want. As a further incentive, we offer pre-booking discounts. A week or two in advance is recommended if you’re a first-time client and have specific dates and times in mind. Feel free to contact your stylist on short notice, as she may have an opening or cancellation. A payment will be required to secure a last-minute reservation.

What if I don’t know what hair Style looks best on me?

In order to give you the cut and style you desire, our highly trained stylist will provide a full consultation. She will take your facial features, styling preferences, and daily routine into account while creating the perfect appearance for you. If you need help picking out a new look for your hair or have questions about how to care for it after you leave our salon, our stylist is always pleased to help.

What if I want to donate my hair?

This is something we always do! If you want to give your hair to Locks of Love, it needs to be long enough to make a 10-inch ponytail and cannot be chemically treated. Locks of Love needs the ponytail to be put in a Ziploc bag and sent to them. Please note that here at the salon, we do not send the hair in. Once the hair is cut, it is up to you to send it.

why do i have gray hair at this age?

Here’s why gray, silver, or white hair comes with age. A hair has a shaft and a root. The root of each hair is surrounded by a hair follicle under the skin. Pigment cells are in each hair follicle. These pigment cells create melanin, which colors the growing hair shaft brown, blonde, black, red, and anything in between. How much melanin a hair has affects its color.

Hair pigment cells die as we age. When a hair follicle has fewer pigment cells, the hair will have less melanin and become more transparent as it grows. Less pigment cells will produce melanin as people age. The hair will turn gray. Anyone can get gray hair. Some folks gray young, while others are in their 30s or 40s before they do. Our genes dictate when we grow gray hair. 

Scientists don’t believe a big shock or trauma can turn hair white or gray overnight. Most graying is age-related. Stress can provoke a common disorder that causes hair to shed three times faster than normal. The disorder doesn’t cause baldness because hair regrows. If you’re middle-aged and your hair falls out and regrows quickly due to stress, the new hair may be gray. Graying hair might signal sickness, especially if it starts young. Gray hair can signal vitamin B12 deficiency, neurofibromatosis, tuberous sclerosis, thyroid disease, vitiligo, and alopecia areata.

What are your hours?

Sunday & Monday: Closed: Tuesday – Saturday: Appointment Only

what do most services include?

The majority of services consist of a hair evaluation to determine hair strength, the probable need for a basic treatment, and a shampoo. Deep conditioning, heated oil, tea tree oil, aromatic steam, or exfoliation may constitute a basic treatment. To safeguard the health and integrity of the hair, many relaxer services include a base trim.

Can you make my hair look like this picture?

It depends. As a means of bridging the gap between expectations and reality, the following are the most frequent causes of disconnect between a client’s picture and their desired hairstyle. The client has searched for a picture that has nothing in common with their current hair color, texture, length, cut, etc.

Texture of the hair is everything. Clients need to understand (and be educated to the fact that), their hair may not be able to do what is illustrated in the picture and therefore, must be willing to compromise on what their particular hair CAN do.

How long do i have to wait after a chemical service to get my hair colored?

Always wait at least two weeks and one shampoo after relaxing your hair before coloring it permanently. This guarantees that the scalp is neither sensitive or uncomfortable. Your stylist will assess the hair’s dryness and elasticity. If hair exhibits signs of breakage, permanent hair coloring is not advised.

how long will my highlights last?

We normally use permanent color for our highlights, although they will grow out in about 5-8 weeks. Every six weeks, you should have your highlights touched up.

What if I do not like my hair service?

In order to ensure that every one of our clients leaves the salon pleased, we promise your complete satisfaction with all services and products. We strongly urge you to discuss with your stylist any issues or concerns you may have regarding the services that were provided to you.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, CashApp, Zelle, PayPal, ApplePay, and Heavenly Masterpieces Salon Gift Cards.

What if I have lost my gift certificate?

The value of your certificate is equivalent to cash. This important property must be carefully monitored.

Do you allow children in the Salon?

Children are welcome as long as they are scheduled for services. If not, we ask that you leave your children at home out of consideration for our other clients. This also affords you time to appreciate your own services.